Embrace bold faith and luxurious comfort with our Lion of Judah unisex short sleeve t-shirt.



Step forth in reverence with our “Lion of Judah” Christian T-shirt. Drawing inspiration from the Biblical title attributed to Jesus in Revelation, this tee serves as a powerful testament to His strength, majesty, and unwavering love. Every detail, from the rich fabric to the profound design, echoes the valor and glory associated with the Lion of Judah.

Crafted with utmost care, the shirt boasts a feel that’s as divine as its message — a soft embrace that comforts the body and spirit. The graphic, imbued with symbolism, is both a celebration of faith and a call to courage in His name.









Width, in 20.08 22.05 24.02 25.98 27.99 29.92 31.89 33.86
Length, in 27.17 27.95 29.13 29.92 31.10 31.89 33.07 33.86
Sleeve length from center back, in 33.50 34.50 35.50 36.50 37.50 38.50 39.50 40.50

Key Features:

  • Material: Premium fabric ensuring tactile softness and lasting durability.
  • Fit: Expertly tailored for a modern yet timeless fit, perfect for believers of all shapes.
  • Design: Evocative and spiritually resonant, capturing the essence of the “Lion of Judah.”
  • Additional: Features a seamless label, allowing the powerful design to shine without distraction.

Don this tee as both an emblem of your deep-rooted faith and a daily reminder of the mighty Lion of Judah’s presence in your journey.

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