Shipping Policy

1. Product Availability

Every order is contingent on product availability. Should an item be unavailable post-order, we’ll promptly inform you and process a full refund using the original payment mode.

2. Crafting Duration

Once you place an order, each product is custom-made specifically for you. This creation phase typically spans 3-6 business days, varying with the product category.

3. Transit Period

Subsequent to crafting, the shipment period depends on both the chosen shipping method and your location. Generally, standard deliveries are accomplished within 3-7 business days.

It’s important to recognize that these timelines are approximate, and external dynamics like postal delays, customs processing, or high-demand phases can influence them.

4. Total Estimated Delivery

Factoring in both crafting and transit, you can expect to receive your order approximately within 13-15 business days from when you placed it.

Yet, occasional delays can arise, especially during busy seasons or unforeseen events. We value your patience and comprehension in such instances.

For specific questions or order tracking, feel free to reach out to our customer support at support@walfave.come.