Walfave.com is a market space where the selling of specially curated gift ideas meet purposeful buying. We’re dedicated to provide opportunities to small independent sellers, as well as to non-profit organizations with cause related items to market their specially curated gift ideas. These classy gift ideas range from jewelry and accessories to bags and hats, tees and sandals, scarves and other unique items. Walfave has built a platform that provides a unique and purposeful shopping experience.

Ene Taylor is the mastermind and creator of Walfave. Having been the Founder and Publisher of CYH Magazine that catered to women, Ene’s passion to speak to, assist and share information with other women continues. In her own experience with online shopping, she noticed the challenges and needs that not just she, but many others faced while shopping for that perfect gift...one that arrived beautifully packaged and elegantly wrapped, and one that had purpose.

As a result of Ene's experiences, desire and real enjoyment in empowering and collaborating with others, she was inspired to develop Walfave as a community market space. In doing so, Walfave provides a win-win opportunity for both independent sellers and nonprofit causes, while filling the need of shoppers.

If you're looking to promote your gift ideas or if you're a shopper looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for everyone on your list, look no more. Through Walfave, everyone wins!  So, please join us in helping each other, in empowering each other, and in building our community. 

We enthusiastically invite you to enjoy our website. For vendors - Display it!  For shoppers - Find it, Buy it, Gift it as we work together and gift-connect with joy and purpose!

Have a gift idea to promote?

Feel free to contact us by saying hello@walfave.com